Deano Power_s LinkedIn Network Map

If you’re Network is your Net worth (thanks Robyn Pulman), LinkedIn has just created a map of your piggy bank.

InMaps is a Visualization tool that allows any LinkedIn user to map their network. Once you click on the link and authorise the activity InMaps will create a attractive map of your network. More that anything else this tool is a reminder of the thin threads that tie our businesses and our lives together.

LinkedIn is a rapidly growing professional social network and is particularly useful for anyone building a B2B business or targeting a corporate market.

3 Simple Suggestions For Building Your LinkedIn Network.

One way to keep your LinkedIn network growing is to have a goal to invite 2 or 3 people each day, if you haven’t connected with anyone to day send me an invite and let me [Deano Power on LinkedIn]know you read this blog post (that will be one connection for you today).