Google Hangout On Youtube

Google Plus is gaining some serious momentum. The latest function is a Google Hangout button on every Youtube video.

This of course means that you can now watch a Youtube video with friends. Imagine what this could mean for Social TV.

To  start a Google+ Hangout with a YouTube video, directly from YouTube. Click the “Share” button underneath any video, and then click on “Start a Google+ Hangout” in the bottom right-hand corner.

More Signs Google Plus Is Here to Stay

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Hat Tip to Brain Glick for surfacing this

Update: Gives you a small insight into how much utility Google Plus is going to have when Google integrate it with all their services.

Think about a hangout with a Google Docs spreadsheet, discussing Google Analytics Results with your web team via Hangout, or discussing where to meet friends for dinner via a Google Places search and Hangout.