Some big brands are scrambling to close down their Facebook Commerce Stores.


Facebook Is New Media With An Old Media Business Model

Old Media Business Model - Interruption

Facebook has allowed about 850 Million people to connect and interact in new and exciting ways. They have pioneered so many advances in the Social space and are clear leaders. However there is a difference between the social dynamic at the local pub and the town square where markets are held.

The pub (Facebook) is a social environment, you wouldn’t expect someone to set up a product display on the dancefloor at the pub. The town square is also social, however when people go there on Market day, they know it’s a market place.

Context is everything. As it turns out most people are on Facebook to hang out. They might be happy to be notified about offers and discounts, they might even like to talk about their favourite products, but they are not there to buy.

New Social Marketplaces Will Emerge

As **Social Commerce** matures new digital marketplaces will emerge, which are more like the Piazza or town square than the pub. Users there will socialise, they will share recommendations, plan real world get togethers, and connect. In these places they will also trade, shop, and buy, because these new online places have a context of commerce, **Social Commerce**.