Engagement, we all want more of. More enquires, more comments, more subscribers, more sales.

The worldwide pool of Attention is under siege. It’s drowning in a deluge of content and choices. Somewhere underneath is Engagement.

Engagement is the bridge between awareness and action. Which is why we all want it.

It’s the different between investment and return, between wanting and having, between dreams and results.

Engagement Is About Feelings

Engagement is hard, because engagement is about feeling. Your website visitors, your Facebook Likers and your connections anywhere online aren’t engaged if they’re not feeling “it”.

Engagement is the result of emotional labour, yours or someone on your team. You need to feel it before your visitor can feel it.

Engagement has a broad base and a narrow point.

You can build your base by deeply understanding your visitor, yout customer, your community. You get to the point by focussing on how they feel and how they want to feel and moving them from one to another.

Feelings Lead To Actions

Head, Heart, Body.

Ideas lead to feelings, feelings lead to actions.

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