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Katie Couric Bridging The Traditional & New Media Transition


Brian Solis tirelessly takes the conversation about the role and future of New Media to new dimensions. His recent appearance on Darkcasting the Darker Side of Green speaks volumes about his ascension to a preeminent New Media ambassador. A reflection of the influence he now wields in traditional media and marketing and the emerging exploding world of New Media.

Who better to interview one of America traditional media figures Katie Couric, a woman leading the charge towards media convergence, than Brian Solis, enjoy.


  1. Blogher 2012 hit New York City this past weekend and the behgospolre is buzzing with reactions. Over 4500 bloggers and hundreds of brands gathered at the Hilton New York for a weekend jam-packed with classes, parties, and other events. A few of the highlights of this year’s BlogHer conference were hearing from President Barack Obama via live video stream, and live appearances from Martha Stewart and Katie Couric.

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