This is the world we live in. And more so the world we are about to live in.

  • Reputation is scored.
  • You have a personal brand whether you like it or not.
  • Having a strong personal brand is the foundation for impact in the economy of today and tomorrow.

You might say “I don’t want a personal brand, I don’t want to be scored, reviewed and ranked“. Well too late.

Those links you share on Facebook, we can’t help but think they reflect your values.

Those status updates. You took the time to write them, if you didn’t value them or the effect you get from them, you wouldn’t take the energy.

Your personal brand is the accumulation of the content and the moments you share online. That’s why the majority of people on the planet (those who are sharing stuff online) now have a personal brand. We have a media personality.

Perfection Is Killing Your Brand.

Sitting in the shadow of your personality (forget brand for a moment) is more. More projects, more expression, more of your gift.

Why is it sitting there and not out in the world working for you and propelling the rest of the world forward?

Like the rest of us, you’re afraid.

You’re afraid that you might not be quite right. That the impulse you are wanting express;

  • that blog post,
  • that product,
  • that email campaign,
  • that short story.

Whatever it might be, is not “you” or it’s not good.

That putting your idea “out there” might reflect badly on you, your brand and your ability to do business in the future. Ironically you’ve already shared your “safe” stuff, it’s your best stuff that’s in the shadows.

The quest for a “perfect personal brand” is killing creativity and expression. Yours and mine.

The Perfect Personal Brand Is Not Flawless

I’ve been there. I was there 15 minutes ago. Frozen for weeks.

Afraid that I might put something out into the world that might make me look silly.

The pursuit of perfection is a destructive force.

We Believe You More When You Make Mistakes Like Us

Your personal brand can’t be powerful unless its authentic.

You can’t be authentic if;

A) you suppress your creativity (we can feel it when you hold back and we can certainly feel it when you stretch),

B) you don’t make and admit to mistakes.

We all intuitively know that people aren’t perfect and that life is messy.

You will screw up.

You will make stuff that isn’t great. Particularly in comparison to how good the stuff you make in 2 years or 10 years is going to be.

So make stuff now, give it a polish and put it out there.

We Want You Now

We want you.

Not the sanitised you. Not the diamond you’ve polished until it’s wafer thin.

We want your ideas, we want your creativity, and we want them now.

And to sweeten the deal. If we feel your authenticity, we are bound to connect and spread your ideas.

Guess what happens next? As your ideas spread, your personal brand gets stronger.