How are you coping with a world of infinite information?

Is your inbox overflowing and your to do list bulging? Are you finding it harder to reach customers, stakeholders, or sponsors?

In the next 5 days we will create more information than we did between the dawn of the human race and 2003. 1.

No wonder you’re feeling more stretched, right?

The Information Age has come and gone, we are now in the Attention Age.

If you’re not leveraging the digital tools of the Attention Age (ecommerce, social media, mobile web, etc), then;

a) you’re working harder than you need to for less and less return,

b) you’re missing the greatest opportunity of our time.

Byron New Media is a micro agency/consultancy founded by Dean Power (that’s me).

We help businesses, NGO’s, and leaders who are making positive change to have impact and influence in their market 3 ways;

1. Speaking And Teaching

If you’re looking for a Keynote Speaker or Workshop Presenter, Dean has some “off the shelf presentations”. Or we can create something specially for your needs.

Presentations include;

  • The Getting Of Digital Influence: Communicating With Power And Precision In The Age Of Social Media.
  • Creating Compelling Social Media Content.
  • Facebook Marketing For Businesses And Brands.

If you’d like to book Dean as a Speaker or Presenter, please tell us what you need via our simple online enquiry form.

2. Digital Influence Coaching

The battle for the attention of your clients, customers and stakeholders is epic. Technology is changing fast, to cut through to the heart of your market requires skill and strategy.

Like top performers in all fields to have an impact you need the best strategies and you need support.

Our 1 on 1 or Group Coaching can save you years of trial and error, not to mention the frustration and uncertainty of “doing it all yourself”.

If you’d like to know more about our Coaching Packages, please tell us a little bit about your needs via our online enquiry form.

3. Community Engagement & Social Business Strategy

It’s easy to get busy online. In fact spending too long on Social Media is killing some businesses.

To succeed in business or any worthy enterprise, you need a competitive strategy.

One that links your long term objectives and your day to day action with strategic opportunity, risk management and thorough industry knowledge.

Dean has developed Community Engagement and Social Business Strategy for small and medium businesses, NGO’s and Government, and Soloprenuers for over a decade.

If you’d like to hire a Social Business Consultant, or to find out more about how we can help you engage and influence your clients, customers, stakeholders, supporters, please tell us a little bit about your needs via our online enquiry form.